Ready, Steady, Bake!

Thinking of opening a coffee shop?
Want to start a home baking business?
Or you just want to learn small things you can do every time you bake to get better?

What if I told you:
baking tasty and beautiful pastries is not complicated.
And anyone can do it!

No, honestly. I’ve been there before, and I know how it feels like to be stuck with a recipe...
But if you understand the baking basics and a few small tips you'll be able to bake (almost) everything!
The only thing you need is a little help 😊

Learn the baking basics in the comfort of your home and get started today with our online courses!
Grab your spatula and let's bake!

Self-taught baker

My little coffeehouse in the countryside

More than 7 years ago, I decided to buy a little house in the swedish countryside and make my dream come true: open my own coffeehouse!

I couldn't bake anything when I started, and I remember spending long days from early morning to late at night struggling to master each recipe...
I was alone in my kitchen, without any knowledge, questioning myself about everything like the yeasting process, how to measure ingredients (cups and spoons or metric weight?), and the anxiety that came with hoping my baked goods will come out of the oven as planned.
I wish I knew a little bit more about baking when I got started...
Well, I kept practising and I've therefore been making the recipes I’ll be teaching in this step-by-step video course at our coffeehouse almost every day since 2013.

Today, I can tell you one thing: our recipes work great! Finally! 

I’ve trained many of my employees who had little to zero experience in baking and yet this technique was easily adopted by them. Since I clearly remember the feeling of being a beginner without anyone by my side to guide me, I can give clear instructions and explain with ease how to bake each of our recipes, even if you don't have any baking skills.

That is the reason why I have created these online courses.
In every step-by-step video tutorial, I will guide you through the tips, tricks and techniques you will need to successfully be able to bake our delicious recipes, the same ones that my customers enjoy so much!

You will love this course if you are keen to learn how to bake or just love eating cakes! 😊
And by the end of the course, you will be able to make our great classics!

Everyone can BAKE!

Learn the baking basics and bake our 10 most popular cakes & sweets 😉
3 hours online course.
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