Bake SMALL! by Madame Blå


10 delicious little desserts to make at home ❤️

✓  With only basics baking tools and basics ingredients!
✓  NO
Kitchen Aid and NO Blender!
✓  Just
your hands and your oven! ✋🏻 🤚🏻

⚠️ Online the 24th of December.
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Bake small, bake easy, bake cheap...

Baking 10 delicious little desserts with only basics baking tools and basics ingredients.
Quick and Easy! 😉
It is true!
Let me grab my camera and I show you everything!

Here are 10 reasons why our mini sweets are unbeatable!

👉  Start Now!
No need of sophisticated tools to prepare these little desserts. The only things you need are basic baking tools (the one you already have at home) and a oven!

👉  Lovely food gifts for friends and family!
You don't have to head to the shops to get your favourite sweets! Bake a bunch of small cookies anytime you want to offer to someone or treat guests at home!

👉  Easy to make!
Accomplished baker or beginner it doesn't matter! Our recipes are really easy to make. The only thing you need to do is to let us explain to you how to do...

👉  Easy to... eat! What's better than a mini sweet easy to bake, tasty and that you can actually hold in your hand to eat?

👉  Save money! The ingredients required in these recipes are pretty cheap... That will save you lots of money if you have multiple people you need to give presents to or invite home.

👉  No stress! You will never be scared anymore to have guests at home, and prepare desserts for them. Our small sweets can keep long, so you can bake them a few days before!

👉  Please everyone! Kids, adults, and older will love it!

👉  Allergies & vegan! Is someone allergic to gluten, lactose and/or is vegan?
No worries... there is a recipe for everyone!

👉  For all events, whole year around! These recipes can be enjoyed all year round: birthdays, Easter, Christmas, etc...

👉  It lasts long! You will never throw a single cookie because they last long! Pack them up properly in a hermetic box and they will keep their taste and their shape! 😊

👉  Included in this course: pdf to print with ALL our recipes.
Access to this course anytime from your computer, smartphone and tablet!

👉  + 1 hour video baking. We re-bake all our recipes in a row!
(just to make sure our online course was clear for you 😊)

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What's included?

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Before we start...
How to soften butter
26.9 KB
Chocolate & Coconuts Balls - Chokladbollar 🇸🇪
Chocolate & Coconuts Balls
9 mins
Chocolate Truffles - Truffes au Chocolat 🇫🇷
Chocolate Truffles
407 KB
Swedish Raspberry Cookies Recipe
Swedish Raspberry Cookies Recipe
1.38 MB
Corsican Canistrelli Recipe
Canistrelli Recipe
6 mins
Jordnötskakor Recipe 🇸🇪
Jordnötskakor Recipe
2.2 MB
Chocolate Chip cookies
Chocolate Chip cookies
2.55 MB
French Petits Sablés Cookies
French Petits Sablés Cookies Recipe
2.1 MB
Petits sablés à la confiture
71.3 KB
1.61 MB
Toscakaka with Almonds
67 KB
Toscakaka with Chocolate
506 KB