Everyone can BAKE! by Madame Blå

Everyone can BAKE!

Learn how to bake our most popular cakes & sweets.
3 hours online course with unlimited access and free updates!

Baking tasty and beautiful is NOT complicated

The only thing you have to do is to follow the course, and you will make it great! We promise...
Enjoy and good luck!

The courses are broken into 10 lessons which cover:

Basic 1: Tips and Equipment
Basic 2: How to melt and soften butter
Basic 3: How to melt chocolate

  1. How to bake our French Petits Sablés Butter Cookies,
  2. How to bake crumble topping for fruit and berries pies. We show you with our Apple Pie recipe,
  3. How to bake a delicious Brownie. We show you with our Coconuts & Chocolate Brownie recipe,
  4. How to bake a real cheese cake with our delicious PhiladelphiaDröm,
  5. How to make a easy & delicious Tiramisu with a delicious & fluffy Mascarpone cream,
  6. How to bake a classic Swedish recipe:  Chocolate & Coconuts Balls,
  7. How to master Chocolate Truffles with our own Chocolate Truffles recipe,
  8. How to bake Swedish Cinnamon Buns 🇸🇪,
  9. How to bake a basic, easy and delicious  Chocolate Marble Cake,
  10. How to bake Corsican cookies Canistrelli with anis and white wine,
  11. Thank you with a Bonus Recipe! 😊 (Sebastien's favourite: Brioche)
👉  + PDF downloads with all our recipes and a Baking Quiz!
👉   Unlimited access and free updates!

What's included?

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Ready, Steady, Bake!
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Basic 1: Tips and Equipment
7 mins
Basic 2: How to Soften Butter
67.4 KB
Basic 3: How to melt chocolate
2.61 MB
Basics Butter Cookies 'Petits Sablés'
Basics Butter Cookies 'Petits Sablés'
1.93 MB
Apple Crumble Pie Online Recipe
1 min
Apple Crumble Pie Online Recipe
6 mins
Coconut & Chocolate Brownie Online Recipe
Coconuts & Chocolate Brownie Online Recipe
11 mins
Philadelphia 2-step Cheesecake Online Recipe
PhiladelphiaDröm Online Recipe
20 mins
Tiramisu Recipe
Tiramisu Recipe
2.28 MB
Chocolate & Coconut Balls Online Recipe
Chocolate & Coconut Balls Online Recipe
9 mins
Chocolate Truffles Online Recipe
Introduction to the Truffles Recipe
17 mins
Making Chocolate Truffles
47 mins
Tasting the Truffles
5 mins
Cinnamon Buns Online Recipe
Cinnamon Buns Online Recipe
14 mins
Chocolate Marble Cake
Chocolate Marble Cake Recipe
1.53 MB
Canistrelli Online Recipe
Canistrelli Online Recipe
6 mins
Bonus: Brioche Online Recipe
Brioches buns with dark chocolate
28 mins
Brioche Bread (1-minute video)
1 min
Pdf Recipes & Quiz
Baking Quiz - Q&A